Restaurant Delivery, Takeout, and Catering
About FoodGetters
We Get Food.

At FoodGetters, we get food. We understand sometimes you want your favorite restaurant meals without leaving your home or office. So we’ve created a national online food ordering system that allows you to place delivery and takeout orders from your favorite local restaurants. By partnering with restaurants and Restaurant Delivery Services across the nation, we help you get real food, real fast!

You Get Food.

We’ve made getting restaurant delivery and takeout easy, so you can get the restaurant foods you love, simply and quickly. FoodGetters collects and displays menus from restaurants and Restaurant Delivery Services across the country. You just log on, select from a list of restaurants in your area and place your order. Whether you get it delivered to your home or office, or get it for takeout, getting restaurant meals to you has never been so easy!

How Did FoodGetters Get Started?

FoodGetters’ parent company, DataWedge, has been involved in restaurant delivery management for over a decade. Specializing in software for Restaurant Delivery Services, DataWedge originally started FoodGetters as MealMonger, an online ordering system that aggregated menu data for food ordering for customers using the DataWedge management platform.